Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Upside down. Inside out

Did you know by pressing 
and one of the arrow keys
Your screen will change.
Like goes upside down.

It is 
very hard 
to use your computer like this.
Why they have this 
I have no idea.
It is a very annoying feature.
Especially when trying tying to do last minute work.
Guess what happened to me?
Yes, just guess ....
But apparently, its very popular with college students ...

til next time ....
even if my words are not witty or wise, may they always be mine ...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Harry Potter and Transportation

Spoilers for Harry Potter 1 - 7

I'm not the only one that has noticed
That in Harry Potter
While it's fast and useful
It's dangerous or terrifying.
Some times both.
What am I talking about?

The Portkey:

Apparition and Disapparition 

note: don't bother watching the whole video  

note: skip somewhere around a minute of video
don't watch the whole thing  

Knight bus 

Floo powder

 Yes, toilets.  

Sorry for bad quality, and/or  long videos it's the best I could do.

Really you think after a couple thousand years
 They could come up with a decent form of transportation!

If my words are not witty or wise,
may they always be mine ...

Monday, December 5, 2011

101 Things I'm Thankful For

101 Things
Some silly
Some serious
All blessings ...

1. That I'm healthy
2. That I'm happy
3. That I have a family
4. That they are healthy
5. and happy too
6. That they are all alive
7. Not off fighting in the army
8. That we are safe
9. Not struggling with money
10. Have Freedom
11. of Speech
12. of Religion
13. to Protect Ourselves
14. That there are people fighting to protect this freedom.
15. That I have good friends
16. Who stand by me
17. Laugh with me
18. And care about me
19. That I have pets
20. That we always have had pets
21. That they sometimes understand just when you need comfort
22. That my family, friends and pets are always there
23. If not in body, spirit
24. That I have a good education
25. and I have a bright future
26. That I have a computer
27. and good programs on it
28. That we have plenty of friends coming over for Thanksgiving
29. That we have food on our table
30. That it is delicious
31. That as I write this my Dad is getting ready for dinner
32. That my parents love me
33. That I have a house
34. and my own room.
35. That I have things I want
36. That it never seem to be cold
37. That I make my own decisions
38. and that my parents don't make them for me
39. That we can travel around the globe
40. and stay in nice hotels
41. That we home-school
42. That my mom helps with our work
43. That if I need help my FLVS teachers are on the other side of the phone
44. That they are all nice too me
45. That my mother hasn't started getting into her Christmas faze yet
46. That I have parents that will support me
47. In life and what ever I'll attempt
48. That my sister and I get along, better than some
49. That I'm good with school
50. That I get good grades
51. That I have the chance to redo things if I don't
52. That FLVS is available
53. That I have blog
54. That I get a lot of treats
55. That my grandmother comes from England at least once a year
56. That we get to go to Washington DC once a year as well
57. That I'm now allowed to take friends with me on our trips
58. That I don't have to deal with bullies
59. That I can see now since I have glasses
60. I'm full of ideas
61. That chocolate was invented
62. That we live in an age with technology
63. That there are no wars here in America
64. That  there were no natural or other disasters hitting Boca
65. That I can read
66. That I can write
67. That there is a library to get books from
68. That my parents are still together
69. And will be for a long time
70. That they don't yell at each other
71. That I'm never starving
72. That I can easily find information on subjects that interest me
73. That I can easily find music
74. I can do what I want with my life
75. That there are no social status' holding me down, unless I let them
76. That my friend and I can contact with each other in seconds
77. My friends always think of me.
78. That the time it takes to get from place to place is shorter
79. That I know it is better to stand out than blend in
80. That my life is relativity normal
81. and dull (in a good way)
82. That I have a sense of humor
83. I have tolerance with different people and beliefs
84. That I know when to stay out of it
85. And I sometimes know when to kept my mouth shut
86. That my Dad is fine with our beliefs
87. That my friends and family accept and deal with my quirks
88. That my parents always worry about me
89. That I'm getting the day off
90. That I still have my inner child
91. and always will
92. Yet I've still matured
93. I encounter people with different ideas than my own
94. And can back those ideas up
95. If I met someone I don't like I don't have to see them again
96. I knew the difference of what I want and what I need
97. But know to indulge sometimes
98. I know I'm perfect the way God made me
99. That God loves me
100. That Jesus saved me
101. That I have this many things to be Thankful about