Monday, November 7, 2011

Just tricks, no treats for you!

Well, firstly, I just found out that I was nominated for
so please vote for me!

Then I had this blog post ready,
 but you will have to wait since I just need to get the video sorted out.
And I was going to do a rant on Halloween candy thieves,
But then I found this.

Around 1:20 it gets fun, but makes more sense by watching all of it.
This is why you don't deny teenagers candy.

Here are some Halloween pictures from our Trick or Treating
during our recent trip to Washington DC!

I was the Girly Grim Reaper 

The littlest was a Princess Pirate ... don't ask ... but cute.
Our The Princess was a Princess, Princess Tina to be exact.
And then we had Padme!
This was the lobster costume, you can only get them in this stuff when they are little.
When you go all out on your costume.
The jellyfish twins!
My mothers favs!
Check for a new post tomorrow - promise!
If my words are not always witty or wise,
may they always be mine ....