Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Upside down. Inside out

Did you know by pressing 
and one of the arrow keys
Your screen will change.
Like goes upside down.

It is 
very hard 
to use your computer like this.
Why they have this 
I have no idea.
It is a very annoying feature.
Especially when trying tying to do last minute work.
Guess what happened to me?
Yes, just guess ....
But apparently, its very popular with college students ...

til next time ....
even if my words are not witty or wise, may they always be mine ...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Harry Potter and Transportation

Spoilers for Harry Potter 1 - 7

I'm not the only one that has noticed
That in Harry Potter
While it's fast and useful
It's dangerous or terrifying.
Some times both.
What am I talking about?

The Portkey:

Apparition and Disapparition 

note: don't bother watching the whole video  

note: skip somewhere around a minute of video
don't watch the whole thing  

Knight bus 

Floo powder

 Yes, toilets.  

Sorry for bad quality, and/or  long videos it's the best I could do.

Really you think after a couple thousand years
 They could come up with a decent form of transportation!

If my words are not witty or wise,
may they always be mine ...