Tuesday, January 25, 2011


You may delay, but time will not.
—Benjamin Franklin

I wish time would. 

If you've noticed a long 
School assignment/post is missing
Let me explain why that was there.
I'm not crazy.
On an online course I'm taking
I had to submit that.
It wouldn't go in.
So my teacher let me put on my blog
where she'd read it and grade it.
It worked!
I haven't lost my mind!
And I got a 100 points!
It was a win,win situation. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

The New Blog On The Block

  My friend, Kooky Ninja, has started her own blog, 
She doesn't want to use her real picture.
(Check it out)  
When she started her blog
the idea was to have a shared blog-post
every once in a while with me.
If I was in charge with that it would be every...
The idea was that we'd do a comic/manga 
it would start on one blog 
then end on the other one.
I can't draw like her ...
(I can draw animals, but not again and again like in a comic)
and she thinks she can't draw.
Has she seen her drawings? 
She's definitely better than I am.
We are coming up with a new ideas.
And please check out her blog!!!! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010, the Year that Was ...

2010, the year that was.

It was a great year last year.

I've made friends,
completed some New Year goals
...  and I'm doing a sport, I am, really!

Lets look at last years goals:
Get healthy: I'm working on it.
Get more of a social life: That is definitely a done deal.
Become a better artist: I'm doing better.
Figure out how to spell: Maybe this year I should do something possible.
Get better at writing: I'm writing two books so lets hope that's improving.
Have a good school year: That I think is a yes.

Lets look at this year's:
Finish school work faster. (maybe less novel reading)
Spend more time with family. (even the little one's)
Finish writing at least one book.
Stay healthy and work out.
Learn to come up with different recipes.
Do my blogging more regularly.

Let's hope this year is as good as the last one.