Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Cat in the Hat is SO yesterday ...

For now we have ....
A cat in a bowl
and a cat in the sink

A style of their own
and quite comfy I think ...

No offense Dr. Seuss, but my cat's have no interest in style, they are all about comfort. Dr. Seuss is very interesting. Once when asked why he didn't have any children, he said, "You have 'em, I'll entertain 'em".
Well back to the cats. These are my two cats, Oreo and Maestro. They are now our only cats and are referred to as "The Boys". Unfortunately our trio became a pair as Angel sadly died a few days ago.
There is a blogpost for him on my Mom's blog called
By Word of Mouth Musings and Memoirs (a long name she now regrets!)

I wanted to give them Super-something-something-Blog-Names, oh yes, 'alter-ego-super-power-names' like my Mom wants to give her friends, (if they ever tell her what they want) but they are pretty super already. My Dad decided he wanted to be be more than half and insisted on Mr 51%, rather than 'my other half'.
Well I'll give a quick run down on my family and friends. 'Big Dog' is definitely my Dad, Princess for my sister, Nancy Drew for my B.F.F., and for one friend that is a boy (but not a boyfriend, because girls and boys can be friends) Percy Jackson. My Mom just can't make her mind up, there has been The Oracle, The All Seeing Master, and The Mom. I'm going to call her She Who May Not Be Named in honor of one of my fav book series til she makes up her mind.

I am Wiki and this is my Blog, and if my words are not witty or wise, may they always be mine ...