Sunday, April 17, 2011

The DC Cathedral

We decided to head to the DC National Cathedral today.
While we were walking, we were passing some cool things.
This was at the India Embassy. 
These two items were the nicest stuff on the building.
Nice temple.
My Dad's dream house.
Now he needs to become the British Ambassador. 
The two symbols of England
And a cool thing to have in front of the house.
After walking 3 miles to reach the Cathedral,
we were there!
I have a figure of a gargoyle from here, wonder if I can find it..
 It even has Darth Vader as a gargoyle 
Luke I am your father...
A lot of gargoyles 
There's mine, or at least the one I have the figurine of 
 And a load of art work
I'm sensing a theme ...
I had the slight feeling I was in a crypt.
That would explain.
Couldn't keep Thing 1 out the photos.
Even the ones of a coffin...
 There were some signs in a few of the windows,
wonder what they were for....

Props for a new National Treasure 3?
 And a lovely garden 

Me trying to push Thing 1(Cousin) in the pond.  
We couldn't get any pics with me and Thing 2
as she thought I was serious when I said I
was going to dangle her from the window.  
It was a crazy day.
It could have been worse,
Someone could have seen
 Princess knock over the pews...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cold is Worse....

I am now worse than before ... woe is me.
Well, my cold is anyway.
My aunt and mother are trying to figure out how many pills I need.
It seems like one a day 
for ten days.
Did I mention that I have natural gag reflexes?
This is going to be fun...

Try one!
Tongue pressed the pill to the roof of my mouth
while OJ went down minus pill.
 Try two!
Gagged and drown myself in OJ.
Try three!
'The third one is a charm,' 
holds true again!
Lets just hope that 
the next nine days aren't a repeat of today. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Away from Florida, and sick, ugh, sick!

I'm in Washington DC,
at the kitchen table,
surrounded by screaming children.
I am also sick,
have a slight headache 
and feel like I'm dying.
Today sounds like a
"Don't get out of bed and stay in PJs"
kind of day too me.
I'm out of bed already.
   Then again, the screaming children
 are building a tent in the bed.
It could have been on me.

Well, this is the conversation we had a few minutes ago.

Cat's Mother was just talking about her mother with my aunt.
 I told them that in a couple of years, 
that their kids will be complaining about them.
My aunt asked me if I complain about my mother.
I told her my life would be in danger if I did.
I also asked if their mothers ever 
complained about their grandmothers.
"Maybe." My aunt says,
 "But, thats just with mothers and daughters."
"It's the Circle of Life."
Cat's Mother looks up,
"If you are going to start singing,
please make those margaritas you were talking about."
"I'll need about five,"
"And one for Wiki."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lord of the what?

In Lord of the Rings
we have the hobbits.
The cartoons all look like they are
10 years old.
Then there are the humans in the group.
The non-cartoon Aragorn and Boromir are way cuter.
(The Cat's Mother says they also look less smelly) 
The elf.
Legolas as a  cartoon, and then Orlando Bloom, the actor.
 (The Cats Mother thinks he is waaay cuter)
The dwarf.
Gimli's ax isn't for making trees fall, its to make orcs fall. 
And last, but not least Gandalf.
He looks like he could be from the Bible.
That's on the good side.

On the bad side, we have the evil Sauron.
It must be a drag to carry all that armor.
SmeƔgol/Gollum who is some times on the good side,
Creepy and... I'm not sure who's creepier.  
And the orcs.
I have one word.  Ugly.

In Veggie Tales,  Lord of the Beans,
we have these guys.

For Frodo, it's this guy,
This Toto and the Bean.
Gandalf was played by this cucumber.
Gandalf's lunch, Randalf.
Aragon, poor guy, got this!
Ear-a-Corn also known as Larry, is not someone to be around when he's messing with his sword.
Partly because of his aim, also it's sharp and if you are like me, you kind of like your head. 
Legolos well ...
This Leg-o-Lamb, whose arrows are tipped with toilet plungers. 
And here's the dwarf.
Unlike Gimli, Grumpy doesn't know how to use his ax.  

For the bad guys we have Scaryman,
No picture to be found.

People call him Ahem,because that's a sound that he makes with his throat. Sad.
And you guessed it, the sporks!

On the left we have an evil spork, and the right one -
is the one that you can eat with.