Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blog Envy ...

I envy a fictional character's blog. Sad as that seems.
He's from the Maximum Ride series,
and his name is Fang.

We also agree on one thing:
Thank God for spell-check  
Heard of him? 
In the books he say he has millions of hits.
Why don't I have millions of hits?
     I want millions of hits.

Actually I just 'dig' his blog!
Then again he's 1% bird, with wings growing out his back
and has a "flock" of six other winged kids; some with cool powers.
Maybe I should grow wings.
Then again they also get chased around by wolf-human things.
That try to kill them.
I'll stick to my near 2,000 hits. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting.

I like these two quotes.
I agree with this Russell guy.
Most of the book I enjoy,
It has one or two crazy things in it.
I do agree with Einstein though.
If you doing the same thing
over and over and over
you're not getting anything else
but what you got before.
2+2 will always equal 4.

The Cat's Mother feels like this after a bad home-school day. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Life is Crazy

My life is getting crazy.
(probably with how sidetracked I am with my mission to write two books)
 I know someone once said this: 

Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein. 
— H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
Thats the guy. 
Personally, I don't know how they did it.
But at least I'm not like the guy who wrote this poem.

Too Busy

by Bruce Lansky

I've folded all my laundry
and put it in the drawer.
I've changed my linen, made my bed,
and swept my bedroom floor.
I've emptied out the garbage
and fixed tomorrow's lunch.
I've baked some cookies for dessert
and given dad a munch.

I've searched the house for pencils
and sharpened every one.
There are so many things to do
when homework must be done.
But I'm not procrastinating...
I'd rather be doing work (I like doing work, but then again I'm very strange),
but the site I do it on is getting upgraded.
Like most things today. 
First it was these, then this, now it's that
I have a really old DS,
That I'm surprised hasn't blown up by now.
It has as many problems as a sieve has holding water,
and I have no interest getting a new one
Well, I will as soon as it a) starts to smoke b) breaks in half or c) blows up.
My money is on B and C  
maybe I should get an iPad, Mom, Mom, are you listening???

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monster High - a book review

I have decided to put a book review on here I wrote for our local library.

 Monster High
and is written by Lisi Harrison

 This book is              
(fav quote of main character)

This book takes the monsters from Dracula, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and puts them into High School AND the 21st century. A new take on fitting in, in high school!

Two new girls have enrolled at Merston High School and things will never be the same. You have the views of Melody, shy, and in love with a geeky boy.  She is a big city girl in a small town, and her life is turning upside down. Then there’s Frankie, also in love with someone who is already taken.  She is outgoing, even with her green skin, an accident waiting to happen that keeps happening and happening… and life just started, literally. 

This story is so huge that one book can’t hold it all!
See you at Monster High in Book Two.           

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blabber or Babble, somewhat the same!

The Cat's Mother just did a post where she wrote "You are like a spec on the horizon, until someone puts you on the list" She would be referring to that new list for Babble or Blabber ... and  apparently me.  Since when this was written, I wasn't on the list. When I pointed this out, The Cat's mother nominated me and put me on it. 
Afterwards she realized that it was really for Mommy bloggers. 

Maybe my cat counts. 

Talking of the cat in the bowl ...

Sadly, the bowl is no more. 
The Cat's Mother polished the table ...
 cat jumped on bowl ... 
flying bowl ...
cat still in it. 
Or so we think, since we woke up to this.         

Though he used to think that being in control of the bowl made him this ...

ps. the bowl was a wedding gift belonging to my parents - really, really old ...

But now you can vote for me here
I'm like No. 170 or something
The Cats Mother is in the Top Ten right now
By Word of Mouth - awesome!
Vote for her too while you are there :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Home-school School

Going to School, like getting up and putting on real clothes, no pj's ...
I know we homeschool, but one day a week, I take a few classes at a place call HEED. (Home Education Enrichment Day, put together several years ago by three Homeschool Mom's who researched what was needed and then found professionals in their field to teach) Some of the homeschoolers in my town go there for a "school day", where we get to "socialize". (this seems to be a big concern for many, altho some days we are too busy to do school, so guess we have that covered!) I do geography, art, and science, afterwards there is volley ball.

Well, this is a "normal day" or at least last week's "school day".
First, I struggle to get going and dressed early in the morning, not my norm. I head off to go to class, and today I went upstairs instead of downstairs with The Cats Mother yelling from the car. (note to self, never let a dog sleep in your room, when she is old, snores, scratches and generally keeps you awake).

We learned about Modern day India, a country I really want to visit (and not just for the food) This was better than when we learned about Japan when we were shown part of a video that showed a Samurai killing himself. (I'm serious about this, there were many girls going a little green and I don't mean from an ecological standpoint)

Second period, Art, from here I can't get lost, it's right across the hall! Paint class, always a fav, though today not all of it went on the paper. Today we had learned about henna tattoos, so we all had to give it a try, an awful lot became tattoos.

Of course no one made one like this, but there were a few pretty close now that I think about it (these are at least tattoos The Cat's Mother doesn't mind!)

Third period, lunch. This is definitely the easiest "lesson" of the day, where we hang out and talk, joke, and Nancy Drew always begs for some of my Smarties. (English chocolate candies, most highly prized!) One of my friends decided that she could show everyone I'm extremely ticklish, there was a lot of screaming.

Science is next. Big Dog doesn't think it's Science, since I am taking Creation Science (not that he has read anything about it so until he does, I am not ready to hear his side ...) To little of this,

And too much of this ...

In his opinion ... which I don't remember asking for :)

Volley ball is always at the end of the day, and Miss Kim is just the very best teacher (with huge amounts of patience!) I was hit once, hit the same boy twice, and at one point ran away from the ball.

At the few points I got the ball over the net, the Cat's Mother wasn't watching.

Comments by the Cat's mother: So not true, I watched you serve into the net twice, and then score a winning shot that was not even close to being returned ... thank you very much!
The coach told me you weren't watching one of my good shots!

Another note to self ... Never let your mother check your post before posting.
HEED is great, we get to learn from people out there living and teaching it, they are the real deal!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tips for School!

So a new year of school has already started, and I have heard about bullies and homework. Lovely ... Well, this blog will hopefully boost your moral and not lower it. I was there once, in the school system and I remember some of those days. Until The Cat's Mother and Big Dog had this wonderful idea to bring us home and school right here in our pj's! This blog will be about quotes from books, songs and movies that really jumped out at me and I wanted to share with you. I was looking at a GL mag and decided from some of their "Notable Quotables" and other places, to do a blog that would be like that.

Freedom is an illusion. It always comes at a price.
Bartimaeus, The Amulet of Samarkand

This is my favorite trilogy and this is how this line mixes into school. Take two girls. One acts unlike herself to be "in", while the other one is being herself, but isn't "in". So one may not be popular, but she has freedom at a price. While the other one is popular, she doesn't have any freedom.

You've got a conscience too, another thing which is rare and easily lost. Guard it.
- Bartimaeus, The Amulet of Samarkand

This time Bartimaeus is in a better mood. Well, if you have failed at number one try not to fail at this one too. If you are popular with no freedom, at least make sure you have kept your conscience. You might not be able to tell right from wrong. You might hurt people or do things you know are wrong.

It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more
to stand up to your friends.
- Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

If your friend tells you to have a cigarette or something you know is wrong, then stand up to them! If they laugh and call you chicken, then maybe, they are not your real friends and you may need to find new ones. Sometimes its about standing up for others, rather than going with the crowd when teasing or bullying others - you are still a bully if you stand by and watch.

Calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you. - Cady Heron, Mean Girls

If you have failed at every tip so far then please don't fail at this. If you call someone stupid or fat, it really doesn't make you look any better. You need to look at why putting someone else down, makes you think it makes you look better - why so insecure?

There's always gonna be another mountain. I'm always gonna wanna make it move. Ain't about how fast I get there. Ain't about what's waiting on the other side. It's the climb.
Miley Cyrus - "The Climb"

This song is about life and wanting to rush through things or get onto the next thing. But we need to take time, and make sure we get to the top the right way. But it can be a fit for your time at school too. Enjoy your time at school, making the right choices and looking out for people, you never know when you will meet them again. Don't let one mountain get you down, since there always will be more. School may not be for everyone, (a.k.a. me) but there always will be bullies and the mean girls and boys, no matter where you go. Even The Cat's Mother has come across bullies, maybe they will make a movie one day called 'Mean Mom's'.

Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out? - Ian Wallace, What a Girl Wants

When I read this back to The Cat's Mother, this was her favorite quote, she wants to have it printed on things now. I like it because I don't think you should try to be the same, because you want to popular or "fit in". You are born different to be your own person, not someone else's shadow, let your own light shine!

In your life, you'll do things greater then dating the boy on the football team. But I didn't know that at 15. - Taylor Swift, "15"

Life is life, learn from it all. Just because one boy dumps you, don't cry your heart out. You will find someone, someday, but it most likely will not be in High School, so why even rush to date? Your life will be full of greater things.

After middle school come High School and after that comes life. - Angie, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

You may be cool at school, or a jock or a geek, but none of that will count later in life. So what if you were the Queenbee in school, life has a strange way of catching up to that kind of thing.

If you think this is too hard, then here's a little something from Bella Swan.

Hasn't anyone ever told you? Life isn't fair. - Bella Swan, Twilight

My name is Wiki and this is my blog, if my words are not always wise, may they always be mine ...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

God's Miracle - Little Rupert!

Just really wanted to share these pictures with you of this tiny deer who was born at a Wildlife hospital after a car killed his mother.

Little Rupert, who is so small he can fit in an adult's hand, was born after vets failed in their battle to save his mother.

At just 6" tall and weighing just over a pound, he is now in an incubator in the intensive care unit at Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Buckinghamshire. He has only recently opened his eyes.

Les Stocker, founder of Tiggywinkles, said, "Rupert's mother had very severe injuries. We brought him out and got him breathing, and then he went into an incubator on oxygen. He is now being fed by a tube."

Rupert pulls a striking pose for the camera.

Staff members are optimistic that Rupert, now 5 days old, will make a full recovery.
"Deer are very, very tricky, but this one has spirit. He's an extremely feisty,
Little guy and quite pushy," Mr. Stocker said.

Asleep: Rupert takes 40 winks.

My name is Wiki and this is my blog. My words may not always be wise, but may they always be mine ....

Friday, August 27, 2010

Who Moved my Cheese?

In this house, something furry and much bigger would get him ... altho if it were up to me, he would have a house and a wheel and a nice fluffy bed :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More creatures stories ...

Another blog about animals, hope you like the furry creatures, else maybe this is not the blog for you ... but new cooking recipes going up soon - promise!
Oreo the “cat in the bowl” that you have already met ... is the center of all the teasing in my family. With his huge body and little head, his huge eyes, and not being able to stop when running... he doesn't stand a chance. The newest joke is that he has a huge body, a little head with a little brain. (dinos had two brains, one in the head and one in the tail, he seems to be missing the tail one)
With his constant surprised look, please pardon this next expression but Big Dog says, “He looks like someone put a plug up his butt” - just not nice!

Well, I'm back and writing. I need really a need a good way to remember to do my blog. Do you think this would work?

Yesterday, our cat Maestro caught a snake. It's usually lizards and there was once a mole that I had to save.
You can relax on the snake issue tho, no danger. If it had bitten me, it wouldn't have killed me. It's a common Garter snake and in Florida snakes aren't that big of a deal.

But I realised I had seen this snake before... this is now the second time Maestro has caught it. I know it is the same snake as it's tail was just growing back from his last attack and it had also been stuck in our pool. This snake must have a death wish!
This time I thought it's wish had been granted as it wasn't moving. So I poked it. It was still alive. The Cat's Mother and The Princess screamed at the top of their lungs of course. I was trying to come up with a way to move the snake into the bushes when I noticed that it's eye was bleeding.
So this snake has half a tail, has nearly drowned and, is half blind and still lives in our garden!
I found this on Wikipedia:
Animals that eat the common garter snake include large fish(such as Bass and catfish), bullfrogs, snapping turtles, milk snakes, hawks, skunks, foxes and domestic cats.
I don't think the snake's read this else it would pack a bag and slither on out!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We SO rock!

Just have to love The Cat's Mother's post today,
Check out

Friday, August 13, 2010

God's Cake!

I wrote this a long time ago, in fact a few years ago, and we just found it in one of my notepads. The Cat's Mother (love that) thought I should share it on here - so here it is ...

Early one morning, God woke up to the sound of beautiful music coming from the Angels. Today was God's wedding day and He needed to get ready for this special day. When the wedding was done, everyone went to eat. But God said right when the food was to be eaten, Stop! He looked around the table and said He was going to make Earth.

He took the shining candles to make the sun, and He took the cheese to make the moon. Then He used the cake to make the world and poured the wine to make the seas. He made fish out of fruit and puff pastry for the birds so they flew lightly in the air. God then took the baked bread for the plants, sprinkles for the stars and all the cookies were turned into animals.

Lastly, God carefully picked up the Bride and the Groom statues and made Man and Woman. He called them Adam and Eve.

And it was good!

I am Wiki and this is my Blog, and if my words are not witty or wise, may they always be mine!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stage and Screen

I'm sorry for the wait. I've been chained to the desk doing Summer work, well technically schoolwork since I do it year round ... but it is Summer now. (and its too hot to be out there anyway!)
The other day I was listening to some music channels, and came across one that plays numbers from plays and movies. It was called 'Stage and Screen'. I was listening to this when it played 'Matchmaker', a song from 'Fiddler on the Roof'. I listened to it for a bit and burst out laughing because this was what they were saying in the beginning:
Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a match, Find me a find, Catch me a catch, Night after night in the dark I'm alone So find me match, Of my own.
Then the oldest sister plays a joke on the two younger sisters pretending she's Yenta the matchmaker.
Hodel, oh Hodel, Have I made a match for you! He's handsome, he's young! Alright, he's 62. But he's a nice man, a good catch, true? True.
I promise you'll be happy, And even if you're not, There's more to life than that--- Don't ask me what.
Chava, I found him. Won't you be a lucky bride! He's handsome, he's tall, That is from side to side. But he's a nice man, a good catch, right? Right.
You heard he has a temper. He'll beat you every night, But only when he's sober, So you'll be alright.
Well lets just say... in a very short time, they're 'singing a different tune'.
Dear Yenta, See that he's gentle Remember, You were also a bride. It's not that I'm sentimental
All of them: It's just that I'm terrified!
Well, I then found the 'youtube' version (and now we have found it for your viewing pleasure!) After getting off the floor and I had stopped laughing, I thought about how musicals are like this. A song can show you a change of mood, build up a feeling or take you through a long period of time. Like in the musical Oliver, my sister was just in this. The character Fagin is going to leave the gang, but in the build up of the song 'Reviewing my Situation', he has the audience spellbound and hanging on his every word - until 'finally' he leaves. I know this one well, it got stuck in my head for 5 days.

When Nancy sings, you can feel her pain and her love for a man that she knows will harm her. 'Nancy Drew' my bff, played Bets, and turned into this whole other person on stage. Another one my sister was in, Beauty and the Beast, has just one song taking you through several months in time and when the Beast stood in his lair, you forgot that you just saw him having dinner in the hallway as he was now 'The Beast' asking the world to be done with him.
My favorite big play so far has been 'Wicked', it has been played in the car so many times, I am suprised it hasn't 'melted'!

Well, life's like that I guess. You change your mind from chorus to chorus, the tune can go fast and the tune can go slow. It can take time to find the right beat. (I didn't get the right song to carry me thro school work today! Wonder what tomorrow will bring?)
I am Wiki and this is my Blog, and if my words are not witty or wise, may they always be mine

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Cat in the Hat is SO yesterday ...

For now we have ....
A cat in a bowl
and a cat in the sink

A style of their own
and quite comfy I think ...

No offense Dr. Seuss, but my cat's have no interest in style, they are all about comfort. Dr. Seuss is very interesting. Once when asked why he didn't have any children, he said, "You have 'em, I'll entertain 'em".
Well back to the cats. These are my two cats, Oreo and Maestro. They are now our only cats and are referred to as "The Boys". Unfortunately our trio became a pair as Angel sadly died a few days ago.
There is a blogpost for him on my Mom's blog called
By Word of Mouth Musings and Memoirs (a long name she now regrets!)

I wanted to give them Super-something-something-Blog-Names, oh yes, 'alter-ego-super-power-names' like my Mom wants to give her friends, (if they ever tell her what they want) but they are pretty super already. My Dad decided he wanted to be be more than half and insisted on Mr 51%, rather than 'my other half'.
Well I'll give a quick run down on my family and friends. 'Big Dog' is definitely my Dad, Princess for my sister, Nancy Drew for my B.F.F., and for one friend that is a boy (but not a boyfriend, because girls and boys can be friends) Percy Jackson. My Mom just can't make her mind up, there has been The Oracle, The All Seeing Master, and The Mom. I'm going to call her She Who May Not Be Named in honor of one of my fav book series til she makes up her mind.

I am Wiki and this is my Blog, and if my words are not witty or wise, may they always be mine ...