Saturday, June 25, 2011

Banned Books

This might offend you.
If so,
get off this site!
No nasty comments!

 A comic that I read,
did a few comics of banned books which I found in the past strips.
This is the one I like:

I've probably lost about fifty followers to this post.
But, hey!
I believe it is a story,
something that popped into a persons' head.
It improved that person's life greatly
got many children to read.
It has magic in it!
Big deal!
So does Narnia and Lord of the Rings!
And don't give me it was written by Christians and represents the gospel and its teachings.
Guess what!
So was Twilight.
And. You. Are. Still. Complaining.
That even starts with a bible verse.
So there!
(Angry rantings finished)
PS. Sorry for bad spelling and awful grammar if there is any.
The Cat's Mother is out of town and unable to check for that.