Monday, December 5, 2011

101 Things I'm Thankful For

101 Things
Some silly
Some serious
All blessings ...

1. That I'm healthy
2. That I'm happy
3. That I have a family
4. That they are healthy
5. and happy too
6. That they are all alive
7. Not off fighting in the army
8. That we are safe
9. Not struggling with money
10. Have Freedom
11. of Speech
12. of Religion
13. to Protect Ourselves
14. That there are people fighting to protect this freedom.
15. That I have good friends
16. Who stand by me
17. Laugh with me
18. And care about me
19. That I have pets
20. That we always have had pets
21. That they sometimes understand just when you need comfort
22. That my family, friends and pets are always there
23. If not in body, spirit
24. That I have a good education
25. and I have a bright future
26. That I have a computer
27. and good programs on it
28. That we have plenty of friends coming over for Thanksgiving
29. That we have food on our table
30. That it is delicious
31. That as I write this my Dad is getting ready for dinner
32. That my parents love me
33. That I have a house
34. and my own room.
35. That I have things I want
36. That it never seem to be cold
37. That I make my own decisions
38. and that my parents don't make them for me
39. That we can travel around the globe
40. and stay in nice hotels
41. That we home-school
42. That my mom helps with our work
43. That if I need help my FLVS teachers are on the other side of the phone
44. That they are all nice too me
45. That my mother hasn't started getting into her Christmas faze yet
46. That I have parents that will support me
47. In life and what ever I'll attempt
48. That my sister and I get along, better than some
49. That I'm good with school
50. That I get good grades
51. That I have the chance to redo things if I don't
52. That FLVS is available
53. That I have blog
54. That I get a lot of treats
55. That my grandmother comes from England at least once a year
56. That we get to go to Washington DC once a year as well
57. That I'm now allowed to take friends with me on our trips
58. That I don't have to deal with bullies
59. That I can see now since I have glasses
60. I'm full of ideas
61. That chocolate was invented
62. That we live in an age with technology
63. That there are no wars here in America
64. That  there were no natural or other disasters hitting Boca
65. That I can read
66. That I can write
67. That there is a library to get books from
68. That my parents are still together
69. And will be for a long time
70. That they don't yell at each other
71. That I'm never starving
72. That I can easily find information on subjects that interest me
73. That I can easily find music
74. I can do what I want with my life
75. That there are no social status' holding me down, unless I let them
76. That my friend and I can contact with each other in seconds
77. My friends always think of me.
78. That the time it takes to get from place to place is shorter
79. That I know it is better to stand out than blend in
80. That my life is relativity normal
81. and dull (in a good way)
82. That I have a sense of humor
83. I have tolerance with different people and beliefs
84. That I know when to stay out of it
85. And I sometimes know when to kept my mouth shut
86. That my Dad is fine with our beliefs
87. That my friends and family accept and deal with my quirks
88. That my parents always worry about me
89. That I'm getting the day off
90. That I still have my inner child
91. and always will
92. Yet I've still matured
93. I encounter people with different ideas than my own
94. And can back those ideas up
95. If I met someone I don't like I don't have to see them again
96. I knew the difference of what I want and what I need
97. But know to indulge sometimes
98. I know I'm perfect the way God made me
99. That God loves me
100. That Jesus saved me
101. That I have this many things to be Thankful about

Monday, November 7, 2011

Just tricks, no treats for you!

Well, firstly, I just found out that I was nominated for
so please vote for me!

Then I had this blog post ready,
 but you will have to wait since I just need to get the video sorted out.
And I was going to do a rant on Halloween candy thieves,
But then I found this.

Around 1:20 it gets fun, but makes more sense by watching all of it.
This is why you don't deny teenagers candy.

Here are some Halloween pictures from our Trick or Treating
during our recent trip to Washington DC!

I was the Girly Grim Reaper 

The littlest was a Princess Pirate ... don't ask ... but cute.
Our The Princess was a Princess, Princess Tina to be exact.
And then we had Padme!
This was the lobster costume, you can only get them in this stuff when they are little.
When you go all out on your costume.
The jellyfish twins!
My mothers favs!
Check for a new post tomorrow - promise!
If my words are not always witty or wise,
may they always be mine ....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bones vs Wiki

There is a tv show that I sometimes watch On Demand,
once its been okayed by the parents ;)
I love the forensic science side to it (the geek in me)

Considering that they are unorganized and have no social skills what so ever,
 they look impressive here.

The main character Bones,
(the girl is the bone expert)
is constantly being compared too me.
Smart. (ahem)
Taking things so literally.
No social skills. At.All.
Does better with dead people. 

But I have one up on her character ...
I have a sense of humor.
Unlike Bones, in this scene ...

Even Booth, her partner, was giving her a look.

Enjoy, and even if my words are not witty or wise,
may they always be mine!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The teachers failed the test...

This happened a few weeks ago.
I can't figure out if it is a funny story
a scary one ...

Wiki: I don't eat mammals, so it's chicken lasagne.
Unnamed Girl going to Senior High School year: Isn't that a mammal?
Wiki: No, I believe it's a bird.
Unnamed: But aren't birds mammals.
Wiki: ...Ummm....
Unnamed: I'll look it up on my iPhone.
Unnamed: Hey, you are right!
Wiki: (speechless)

Yeah this girl is going to leave soon for college ...
The school system these days ...  is sad.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

E-Mail fun

Today I did some school work.
Wrote a document.
Used spell check quickly for my awful spelling
Pasted in a E-Mail.
Clicked send. 
Five minutes later ...
Cat's Mother (from other side of the room):  'You sent me an e-mail?'
Wiki:  'Yep. I need you to check that school assignment.' 
CM: 'You are right there, why don't you just call me over to check your work.'
W:  Since you're always on your blog, Twitter and E-Mail, I thought I'd get more of a response this way.
CM:  Maybe I should 'tweet' this.
This comeback failed as I lack a Twitter account as far as I know.
(From Mom - you are not getting one either)
For fun I doing the same thing with this email.
Can't wait for the response!     
I SO did not say that ... but you are awfully cute ... Love, Mom

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Because he is funny...

He so funny looking he just has to go on my blog.
I know I haven't done a blog post for a while.
And one that is wise or witty. (But, hey!  They are mine.)
I am thinking about doing another Tips for School blog again.
I just need to get some quotes... 
If you know any good quotes from books or music, please tell me!   

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just Because...

I like this quote so I am posting it.
"You, sir, are caught between the frying pan and the fire, so you will sizzle and like it."
- From Fly by Night, by Frances Hardinge
The guy on the left is the one who is being told this.
He's in trouble. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Banned Books

This might offend you.
If so,
get off this site!
No nasty comments!

 A comic that I read,
did a few comics of banned books which I found in the past strips.
This is the one I like:

I've probably lost about fifty followers to this post.
But, hey!
I believe it is a story,
something that popped into a persons' head.
It improved that person's life greatly
got many children to read.
It has magic in it!
Big deal!
So does Narnia and Lord of the Rings!
And don't give me it was written by Christians and represents the gospel and its teachings.
Guess what!
So was Twilight.
And. You. Are. Still. Complaining.
That even starts with a bible verse.
So there!
(Angry rantings finished)
PS. Sorry for bad spelling and awful grammar if there is any.
The Cat's Mother is out of town and unable to check for that.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Late night....

It is 10:27 pm ...
I'm awake...
I'm blocking out 80's music...
I'm doing American history....
Somebody shoot me.
I'm thinking about something Kooky Ninja said,
She said I should do "Late Nite Bites"
I get very mean when I'm tired.
I was exhausted at 10:00
Aren't I a picture of delightfulness.
Just to give you an idea on how mean/tired I am,
I threatened to bite Princess when she bugged me a moment ago.
Something tells me that's not what Kooky Ninja had in mind...  
They are dancing to Rocky Horror's Time Warp,
I'm going to spare you the dance moves.
And it's not even the Glee version!
They are also trying to get me to dance too.
Somebody shoot me...
btw I am at a Surprise Birthday party my Mom threw for my Dad.
I feel like this...

Friday, May 20, 2011

txtN & drivin

Perfect.  Right?
I got this Bound and Gagged comic,
from GoComics.
One of the comments on there 
was this: 
Everyday the corner between the parking lot and the building I work in, is a risk to cross. Everyday I count at least 3 people on cells racing through the intersection, most of them coming within inches of hitting multiple people that are crossing (when they have the walk sign!) 
The worse is when it’s a cop on a cell that almost hits you.
How sad is that!
Another one that was somewhat more humorous
(I think thats right) 
Was this:
Saw a great bumper sticker….. “Honk if you love Jesus…. Text while driving if you want to meet Him.”
I'm not going to say anything about them
besides their comments.
(I'd rather stay out of trouble)
Both have great points though.
Many others who commented said that texting and driving
was just as bad,
as drinking and driving
 Texting can also  ruin relationships.
You can't tell how the person was trying to say something.
Shut ^
That means "Shut Up"
That can be taken in two ways,
Joking and friendly when you are messing with each other
In a mean way that was meant to be rude.
What if one person was joking about boys,
and one texts: Shut up.  In the joking way.
She could send it to the wrong person
or her friend might take it the wrong way.
Why risk your life or friendship on a text?
Most of them are impossible to read any ways.

This girl won the texting awards.
They even have that is the scariest thing...
So here goes ...

I got DIS Gagged comic,
frm GoComics.
1 of d comments on ther 
wz this: 
Everyday d corner Btwen d parking lot & d building I wrk n iz a rsk 2 croS. Everyday I count @ lEst 3 ppl on cells racing Thru d intersection most of dem comin withn inches of hitting multiple ppl dat R crossing (when dey hav d wlk sign!) d worse iz wen it’s a cop on a ceL dat almost hits U.
How :-( iz that!
NothA 1 dat wz som wot mo humorous
(I tink I spelt dat right) 
wz this:
Saw a gr8 bumper sticker….. “Honk f U luv Jesus…. txt whIl drivin f U wnt 2 MEt Him.”
I'm not goin 2 sA NEthing bout dem
besides thR comments.
(I'd rather stA out of trouble)
Both hav gr8 points tho.
mNE othR sed dat txtN & drivin
wz jst az bad,
az drinkN & drivin
 txtN cn also  ruin relationships.
U can't teL how d prsn wz trying 2 sA somTIN.
Shut ^
dat mEnz "Shut Up"
dat cn b takN n two ways,
jokN & frNd lIk wen yor messing w Ech othR
n a mean way dat mEnt 2 b rude.
wot f 1 prsn wz jokN bout boys,
& 1 texts: Shut ^.  n d jokN way.
She c%d snd it 2 d wrng prsn
o her frNd mite tAk it d wrng way.
Y rsk yor Lyf o friendship on a text?
Most of dem R impossible 2 rED NE ways.

That was this post in text speak.
Who could actually read that?
c wot I mean ppl! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Life

This is one of my favorite quotes.

Reality continues to ruin my life.

Isn't that true...

Bill was the maker of Calvin and Hobbes.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The DC Cathedral

We decided to head to the DC National Cathedral today.
While we were walking, we were passing some cool things.
This was at the India Embassy. 
These two items were the nicest stuff on the building.
Nice temple.
My Dad's dream house.
Now he needs to become the British Ambassador. 
The two symbols of England
And a cool thing to have in front of the house.
After walking 3 miles to reach the Cathedral,
we were there!
I have a figure of a gargoyle from here, wonder if I can find it..
 It even has Darth Vader as a gargoyle 
Luke I am your father...
A lot of gargoyles 
There's mine, or at least the one I have the figurine of 
 And a load of art work
I'm sensing a theme ...
I had the slight feeling I was in a crypt.
That would explain.
Couldn't keep Thing 1 out the photos.
Even the ones of a coffin...
 There were some signs in a few of the windows,
wonder what they were for....

Props for a new National Treasure 3?
 And a lovely garden 

Me trying to push Thing 1(Cousin) in the pond.  
We couldn't get any pics with me and Thing 2
as she thought I was serious when I said I
was going to dangle her from the window.  
It was a crazy day.
It could have been worse,
Someone could have seen
 Princess knock over the pews...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cold is Worse....

I am now worse than before ... woe is me.
Well, my cold is anyway.
My aunt and mother are trying to figure out how many pills I need.
It seems like one a day 
for ten days.
Did I mention that I have natural gag reflexes?
This is going to be fun...

Try one!
Tongue pressed the pill to the roof of my mouth
while OJ went down minus pill.
 Try two!
Gagged and drown myself in OJ.
Try three!
'The third one is a charm,' 
holds true again!
Lets just hope that 
the next nine days aren't a repeat of today. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Away from Florida, and sick, ugh, sick!

I'm in Washington DC,
at the kitchen table,
surrounded by screaming children.
I am also sick,
have a slight headache 
and feel like I'm dying.
Today sounds like a
"Don't get out of bed and stay in PJs"
kind of day too me.
I'm out of bed already.
   Then again, the screaming children
 are building a tent in the bed.
It could have been on me.

Well, this is the conversation we had a few minutes ago.

Cat's Mother was just talking about her mother with my aunt.
 I told them that in a couple of years, 
that their kids will be complaining about them.
My aunt asked me if I complain about my mother.
I told her my life would be in danger if I did.
I also asked if their mothers ever 
complained about their grandmothers.
"Maybe." My aunt says,
 "But, thats just with mothers and daughters."
"It's the Circle of Life."
Cat's Mother looks up,
"If you are going to start singing,
please make those margaritas you were talking about."
"I'll need about five,"
"And one for Wiki."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lord of the what?

In Lord of the Rings
we have the hobbits.
The cartoons all look like they are
10 years old.
Then there are the humans in the group.
The non-cartoon Aragorn and Boromir are way cuter.
(The Cat's Mother says they also look less smelly) 
The elf.
Legolas as a  cartoon, and then Orlando Bloom, the actor.
 (The Cats Mother thinks he is waaay cuter)
The dwarf.
Gimli's ax isn't for making trees fall, its to make orcs fall. 
And last, but not least Gandalf.
He looks like he could be from the Bible.
That's on the good side.

On the bad side, we have the evil Sauron.
It must be a drag to carry all that armor.
SmeƔgol/Gollum who is some times on the good side,
Creepy and... I'm not sure who's creepier.  
And the orcs.
I have one word.  Ugly.

In Veggie Tales,  Lord of the Beans,
we have these guys.

For Frodo, it's this guy,
This Toto and the Bean.
Gandalf was played by this cucumber.
Gandalf's lunch, Randalf.
Aragon, poor guy, got this!
Ear-a-Corn also known as Larry, is not someone to be around when he's messing with his sword.
Partly because of his aim, also it's sharp and if you are like me, you kind of like your head. 
Legolos well ...
This Leg-o-Lamb, whose arrows are tipped with toilet plungers. 
And here's the dwarf.
Unlike Gimli, Grumpy doesn't know how to use his ax.  

For the bad guys we have Scaryman,
No picture to be found.

People call him Ahem,because that's a sound that he makes with his throat. Sad.
And you guessed it, the sporks!

On the left we have an evil spork, and the right one -
is the one that you can eat with.