Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blabber or Babble, somewhat the same!

The Cat's Mother just did a post where she wrote "You are like a spec on the horizon, until someone puts you on the list" She would be referring to that new list for Babble or Blabber ... and  apparently me.  Since when this was written, I wasn't on the list. When I pointed this out, The Cat's mother nominated me and put me on it. 
Afterwards she realized that it was really for Mommy bloggers. 

Maybe my cat counts. 

Talking of the cat in the bowl ...

Sadly, the bowl is no more. 
The Cat's Mother polished the table ...
 cat jumped on bowl ... 
flying bowl ...
cat still in it. 
Or so we think, since we woke up to this.         

Though he used to think that being in control of the bowl made him this ...

ps. the bowl was a wedding gift belonging to my parents - really, really old ...

But now you can vote for me here
I'm like No. 170 or something
The Cats Mother is in the Top Ten right now
By Word of Mouth - awesome!
Vote for her too while you are there :)

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