Thursday, February 24, 2011

Age (but he is cute)

He's older than the oldest man
that anyone has ever known.
He's older than the Internet;
he's older than the telephone.
He's older than the printed word,
the ancient Greeks, the dodo bird.
He's older than the pyramids
and prehistoric hominids.
He's older than the dinosaurs,
the earth, the sun, the moon and stars.
He's old as mud, he's old as dust;
he's wrinkled up and turned to rust.
He's musty, crusty, stinky, dirty.
Simply put, Dad's turning thirty.

This poem is called Ancient by the way ...
and written by Kenn Nesbitt

So what does that make mine?

He's forty!
Actually his birthday is not until May, but I liked this poem and thought it was funny.

Sorry Big Dog, but made fun of The Cat's Mother last time!


  1. Did you just call your Dad really, really old?
    But you are right, he is awfully cute :)

  2. He certainly is! I remember when I was your age, I made my dad a card. he had just turned 43 (so oooold) and I drew a picture of all of us looking very young and wrote don't worry dad we will look after you now that you are old;)

    Love your blog Wiki, keep up the good work!