Wednesday, July 27, 2011

E-Mail fun

Today I did some school work.
Wrote a document.
Used spell check quickly for my awful spelling
Pasted in a E-Mail.
Clicked send. 
Five minutes later ...
Cat's Mother (from other side of the room):  'You sent me an e-mail?'
Wiki:  'Yep. I need you to check that school assignment.' 
CM: 'You are right there, why don't you just call me over to check your work.'
W:  Since you're always on your blog, Twitter and E-Mail, I thought I'd get more of a response this way.
CM:  Maybe I should 'tweet' this.
This comeback failed as I lack a Twitter account as far as I know.
(From Mom - you are not getting one either)
For fun I doing the same thing with this email.
Can't wait for the response!     
I SO did not say that ... but you are awfully cute ... Love, Mom


  1. Score one for Wiki! That's a good one! LOL

    I think my 7 year-old feels the same way about her mom being in front of the comp so much. So far no emails or tweets from her yet, but I did get a phone call or two... from the house phone to my mobile. hahaha.