Saturday, May 28, 2011

Late night....

It is 10:27 pm ...
I'm awake...
I'm blocking out 80's music...
I'm doing American history....
Somebody shoot me.
I'm thinking about something Kooky Ninja said,
She said I should do "Late Nite Bites"
I get very mean when I'm tired.
I was exhausted at 10:00
Aren't I a picture of delightfulness.
Just to give you an idea on how mean/tired I am,
I threatened to bite Princess when she bugged me a moment ago.
Something tells me that's not what Kooky Ninja had in mind...  
They are dancing to Rocky Horror's Time Warp,
I'm going to spare you the dance moves.
And it's not even the Glee version!
They are also trying to get me to dance too.
Somebody shoot me...
btw I am at a Surprise Birthday party my Mom threw for my Dad.
I feel like this...


  1. Yes! Please dont bite princess! So not what I had in
    -kooky ninja/ nj

  2. Hmm so would it be too weird to have someone who loves the Time Warp following you?And someone who arrived via your Mom's blog? Too late I'm going to see what the younger gen are up to by stopping in from time to time.