Friday, May 20, 2011

txtN & drivin

Perfect.  Right?
I got this Bound and Gagged comic,
from GoComics.
One of the comments on there 
was this: 
Everyday the corner between the parking lot and the building I work in, is a risk to cross. Everyday I count at least 3 people on cells racing through the intersection, most of them coming within inches of hitting multiple people that are crossing (when they have the walk sign!) 
The worse is when it’s a cop on a cell that almost hits you.
How sad is that!
Another one that was somewhat more humorous
(I think thats right) 
Was this:
Saw a great bumper sticker….. “Honk if you love Jesus…. Text while driving if you want to meet Him.”
I'm not going to say anything about them
besides their comments.
(I'd rather stay out of trouble)
Both have great points though.
Many others who commented said that texting and driving
was just as bad,
as drinking and driving
 Texting can also  ruin relationships.
You can't tell how the person was trying to say something.
Shut ^
That means "Shut Up"
That can be taken in two ways,
Joking and friendly when you are messing with each other
In a mean way that was meant to be rude.
What if one person was joking about boys,
and one texts: Shut up.  In the joking way.
She could send it to the wrong person
or her friend might take it the wrong way.
Why risk your life or friendship on a text?
Most of them are impossible to read any ways.

This girl won the texting awards.
They even have that is the scariest thing...
So here goes ...

I got DIS Gagged comic,
frm GoComics.
1 of d comments on ther 
wz this: 
Everyday d corner Btwen d parking lot & d building I wrk n iz a rsk 2 croS. Everyday I count @ lEst 3 ppl on cells racing Thru d intersection most of dem comin withn inches of hitting multiple ppl dat R crossing (when dey hav d wlk sign!) d worse iz wen it’s a cop on a ceL dat almost hits U.
How :-( iz that!
NothA 1 dat wz som wot mo humorous
(I tink I spelt dat right) 
wz this:
Saw a gr8 bumper sticker….. “Honk f U luv Jesus…. txt whIl drivin f U wnt 2 MEt Him.”
I'm not goin 2 sA NEthing bout dem
besides thR comments.
(I'd rather stA out of trouble)
Both hav gr8 points tho.
mNE othR sed dat txtN & drivin
wz jst az bad,
az drinkN & drivin
 txtN cn also  ruin relationships.
U can't teL how d prsn wz trying 2 sA somTIN.
Shut ^
dat mEnz "Shut Up"
dat cn b takN n two ways,
jokN & frNd lIk wen yor messing w Ech othR
n a mean way dat mEnt 2 b rude.
wot f 1 prsn wz jokN bout boys,
& 1 texts: Shut ^.  n d jokN way.
She c%d snd it 2 d wrng prsn
o her frNd mite tAk it d wrng way.
Y rsk yor Lyf o friendship on a text?
Most of dem R impossible 2 rED NE ways.

That was this post in text speak.
Who could actually read that?
c wot I mean ppl! 

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