Sunday, April 17, 2011

The DC Cathedral

We decided to head to the DC National Cathedral today.
While we were walking, we were passing some cool things.
This was at the India Embassy. 
These two items were the nicest stuff on the building.
Nice temple.
My Dad's dream house.
Now he needs to become the British Ambassador. 
The two symbols of England
And a cool thing to have in front of the house.
After walking 3 miles to reach the Cathedral,
we were there!
I have a figure of a gargoyle from here, wonder if I can find it..
 It even has Darth Vader as a gargoyle 
Luke I am your father...
A lot of gargoyles 
There's mine, or at least the one I have the figurine of 
 And a load of art work
I'm sensing a theme ...
I had the slight feeling I was in a crypt.
That would explain.
Couldn't keep Thing 1 out the photos.
Even the ones of a coffin...
 There were some signs in a few of the windows,
wonder what they were for....

Props for a new National Treasure 3?
 And a lovely garden 

Me trying to push Thing 1(Cousin) in the pond.  
We couldn't get any pics with me and Thing 2
as she thought I was serious when I said I
was going to dangle her from the window.  
It was a crazy day.
It could have been worse,
Someone could have seen
 Princess knock over the pews...


  1. One of these days your sister will start reading your blog more regularly ... then you had better run ;)
    Love your new header my love - so very talented!
    SO SO proud of you!

  2. What lovely photos!
    I have never been to the Cathedral, but now I want to go.

    ps Popped over from your mom's blog to say "hi" :)

  3. hey wiki;) luv the pics. missing you here in ####### lol.thing 1 and thing 2 are gonna get you one of these days.happy soon to be bunny day.ttyl-nj

  4. Newest follower- getting caught up on my blog hopping. Better later than never. Please return the favor and visit me too.

    Lovely pictures!

  5. Wow you have some great shots! :) I am your newest follower from the finding new friends blog hop. I am one of the hosts! Stopping by to say hi and playing catch up LOL! Hope to see ya on all my blogs :)

  6. Very cool photos! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What beautiful pictures! I used to live in Maryland, and drove by the Cathedral often, but never saw more than the architecture and the gold statue from a distance! I loved learning more :)