Friday, April 15, 2011

Away from Florida, and sick, ugh, sick!

I'm in Washington DC,
at the kitchen table,
surrounded by screaming children.
I am also sick,
have a slight headache 
and feel like I'm dying.
Today sounds like a
"Don't get out of bed and stay in PJs"
kind of day too me.
I'm out of bed already.
   Then again, the screaming children
 are building a tent in the bed.
It could have been on me.

Well, this is the conversation we had a few minutes ago.

Cat's Mother was just talking about her mother with my aunt.
 I told them that in a couple of years, 
that their kids will be complaining about them.
My aunt asked me if I complain about my mother.
I told her my life would be in danger if I did.
I also asked if their mothers ever 
complained about their grandmothers.
"Maybe." My aunt says,
 "But, thats just with mothers and daughters."
"It's the Circle of Life."
Cat's Mother looks up,
"If you are going to start singing,
please make those margaritas you were talking about."
"I'll need about five,"
"And one for Wiki."

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  1. Oh thats just lovely, trying to get me into trouble ...
    I see what you are up too :)